SeRvice is ouR business


because communication is always service – for the client and for the recipients of the message. For each task we create the perfect mix of the following areas. And then implement the measures consistently.


Important concerns demand a broad public address. And that's exactly what we do when it comes to topics such as non-smoker protection, road safety, the Austrian healthcare e-card with photo or personalized medicine.

We ensure awareness: by making complex topics understandable, making consequences comprehensible and positively pointing out solutions. We also design and organise target group-specific events and design influencer relations on many levels.

We pay attention to the call to action: Just like advertising, PR must have a clear drive to action. After all, every campaign is ultimately aimed at influencing behaviour, and we are committed to this goal.

We design customer education at eye level: We take the target groups of our customers seriously as individual human beings. In this way, we can make them aware of what was previously far away from them.


How you say something is as important as what you say. It is not about packaging, it is about clarity, stringency and accuracy of information. And these are exactly the tasks we love most.

We develop corporate wording: the more people speak, the more important it is that their statements and arguments are consistent. We ensure that this is the case with sophisticated and carefully targeted messages.

We manage issue design: topics often have many facets. We keep all aspects in line, form a unified cosmos of language and messages and make complex issues easy to understand. Often in several stages - because we develop some concerns over longer periods in a targeted manner.

We master digital texting: we can provide what social media need. Short and pointed statements that hit the nerve of time. And a sharp eye for SEO-optimized texts.

Media Relations

Our experience in dealing with journalists and Earned Media is the basis for successful media relations. And that counts - because the battle for journalists' attention is tougher than ever.

We implement newsroom and news hub concepts: Companies and institutions are always topic producers. We have the know-how and the technology for the professional organization of the content stream.

We can do classic PR: our traditional field remains relevant: Preparing topics for the media, selecting and addressing media, pitching stories and providing journalists with perfect service.

We know the media - and the journalists know us. From the daily newspaper to the special interest media and portals. Influencers and bloggers included!

We offer media training: Understanding the background of everyday journalism - and then acting authentically and goal-oriented. This is what we teach in one on one media training courses. Often with support from partners who have specific know-how.

Digital & Social Media

The new media reality is our world. Innovative channels, various options, countless new strategic approaches. For this "music", we are conductor and orchestra at the same time: as a controlling head and tried and tested in daily implementation.

We like to be content creators and editors: For our clients, we take care of strategic editorial planning, topic selection and implementation in blogs as well as in the appropriate social media channels from Facebook to LinkedIn and Xing to Instagram - including precisely targeted advertising!

We do content marketing: Creating and placing relevant content and "selling" it to the target groups - this is more than just a trend and a buzzword. We know the channels, possibilities and developments in content marketing.

We do digital marketing: It is advertising - and yet something completely different: The paid media accompaniment of content on Facebook, Google and other platforms is our daily (e-)bread.

Crisis PR

This "supreme discipline" of PR can only be learned through experience. And we have collected such in more than 25 years - from labor accidents, plant closures and criminal attacks to product recalls, management failures and attacks in classic and social media.

We provide well-founded analysis: To do this, we proceed systematically within the company and illuminate literally every nook and cranny that could become crisis-relevant. This prevents surprises in the event of a crisis.

We develop preparation: we prepare everything that can be prepared: Scenarios and Wordings. Documents and procedures. Manuals and guidelines.

We stand for crisis handling: We are at the client’s side when the worst comes to the worst. From the first to the last minute of crisis. On request as a strategic partner in the background. Or as a speaker at the front.